Friday Morning Randomness: 28 Fresh Memes to Get the Mind Going

If you're like me then you haven't woken up yet, even though you're already sitting at your desk. Fortunately, nobody cares if you're actually doing work, so we've curated some Friday morning memes to get you going, and on your grind. 

This gallery features a nice and depressing meme that equates owning a home to coffee and avocado toast. I admit that I as a filthy young person spend more than I should on coffee, alcohol and other little delights, but I am tired of the narrative that doing so makes it impossible for me to save for a house. Why should I have to give up every little nicety in life just to afford what should be a right in 10 years? One little salary bump of 5% would do the trick just as well, and I think it's worth far more to try for that instead. 

Either way, the new year is just a few weeks away, which means that one annoying coworker is going to say "See you next year" in the office. I advise stealing his lunch as retaliation, or at the very least pulling a classic "stapler in jello." If you get HR to help you, you won't even get in trouble. For a meme on that, check out these 28 Friday morning memes to get you going. 

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