Monday Morning Randomness: 24 Cool Pics, Memes, and Tweets to Kickstart the Week

Monday isn't so bad when you dilute it with some fun and random images. Listen, as the band Blink 182 once said, "Work isn't great, so let me make it better by giving you some funny pics and memes to look at." Well, that's not exactly what they said.  

Monday isn't our favorite day of the week, but randomness can make the best out of any bad situation. Your life might be boring, but rest assured all the stuff everyone else is posting on the internet isn't. For example, the Formula 1 Las Vegas weekend got off to a horrible start when the aerodynamic forces from a $15 million race car sucked a manhole cover off the ground and into the bottom of the car. Not only did it destroy the car, but the first practice session had to be delayed while they did repairs. The practice day went into the early hours of the morning, and fans were eventually kicked out after having spent money to watch cars go around the track for all of eight minutes. Even the drivers seemed pretty peeved with their late night. 

Like manhole covers, Mondays are pretty random, and here are 24 cool images to fit the theme. 

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