24 Customers Who Made Really Weird Requests

Ask anybody in the service industry, and they'll tell you that customers can be quite weird. These 24 workers received special requests that were so strange, they just couldn't keep them private. From food orders to package delivery instructions, here are some of the oddest orders customer service workers ever had to deal with. 

A few days ago, we published a piece detailing an interaction between a Panera Karen, and the poor employee who had to deal with her. In the encounter, the Karen forced the employee to write her specific order down on a napkin, despite being informed that it was impossible to make. She then proceeded to berate the Panera staff until they made an approximation of her order and gave her a refund. The written instructions on the napkin have since gone viral on the Panera subreddit, but it's not the only strange order Panera workers have received. A tab called "That's it, I'm order shaming" on the subreddit exposes hundreds of wacky orders.

Inspired by that page, we decided to throw together a collection of crazy requests from Panera patrons, and other crazy customers around the service industries. Here are 24 customers who made really weird requests. 

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