24 Fails and Facepalms to Finish Your Week On the Wrong Foot

As usual, the human race was pretty dumb this week. If you want to feel pessimistic going into the weekend, check out some of the worst examples in this roundup of funny fails and facepalms

Perhaps the most embarrassing thing anybody did on the internet this week came in the form of a tattoo. Specifically, a tattoo of the face of a man's favorite online adult model, Rubi Rose, which he got in response to a dare she proposed. Having already sent her over 62,000 dollars, the fan, nicknamed "Brandon the weird OF fan," also messaged her dozens of times, proclaiming to be her biggest fan. "Tat my face on u so I know it's real," she tweeted. So he did. Not only did he instantly become this week's biggest fool on the internet, but the tattoo was hardly a strong piece of work. 

Other fans urged Rubi to take care of herself and make sure the fan didn't veer into more serious stalker territory. One can make the argument he already has. Still, saying that he'd pay an additional $400,000 for a response, he might be the kind of sugar farmer you keep at a distance. Here's Brandon, and 23 other fails from the past week. 

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