24 Pics Proving That the Kids Are Not Alright

Kids are still learning, so it's not their fault that they don't know anything. Still, their mistakes can be pretty amusing. And even through young children haven't figured out basic concepts like cause and effect or consequences, it's fun to watch them learn a few of those lessons the hard way. 

People love it when perpetrators get their comeuppance. "Instant karma" is a phrase that comes to mind, and videos of Karens getting owned, or criminals getting arrested rack up millions of views. But few situations present such perfect instant gratification for punished mistakes like kids on camera. How often do parents warn their kids of impending disaster, only to watch the children pay them no heed and run afoul to the consequences they were just warned about? All the time! 

"Don't go swimming, the water is too cold." *Splash* "Dad, the water is too cold!" Or, "Don't give the cookie to the dog, because then you won't have a cookie anymore." *Chomp* "Mom, I want another cookie!" Yeah, kids can be pretty dumb.

Fortunately most kids with decent parents develop some sort of understanding of consequences as they get older. And the ones that don't go into politics, so it all works out for the best. 

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