25 Local Legends and Neighborhood Rumors That Turned Out to Be True

When we were kids, we heard all sorts of crazy rumors and wives' tales. Most of them weren't true but these people shared the craziest hearsay from their childhood that did turn out to be true. 

Predictably, there are a fair number of answers here that have to do with creepy teachers, priests, and other adult figures. Even though they don't know much yet, teenagers are very good at figuring out when the grownups are up to no good, and every high school whisper comes from somewhere. Other school rumors included healthy teacher-on-teacher romances and students up to no good. One student was even tragically killed by a drug kingpin after selling weed to try and pay for his parent's mortgage. 

Outside of school, plenty of creepy buildings and rumored cults deserved the suspicion around them. One abandoned building turned out to actually be the site of an early 1900s murder, and another really did house the NXIVM cult. So while we do tend to fabricate and exaggerate stories as children, perhaps we should listen to our intuitions more often. As this gallery proves, we might be right.  

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