25 People Share the Most Out of Touch Thing They've Ever Heard Someone Say

If you've ever been to someone's house who lives on the "other" side of town, you'll know that some people just live in a different world. Money doesn't mean the same thing to them, and as a result they spend more of it, while continuing to make more of it. They're out of touch with how most of the world lives, and as a result they say some pretty ridiculous things. These 25 people took to Ask Reddit, and shared the most out of touch thing they've ever heard someone say

Buying property is the most stressful purchase most people will ever have to make. Figuring out what level of down payment you can afford, coupled with mortgage payments and interest is terrifying. Especially when you're not completely sure of your employment prospects in the future. But not to worry, you can avoid all of that stress by using this one easy hack: Just buy the whole thing upfront at once! That's what one rich 25-year-old told a woman looking to buy a house. Because who doesn't just have 200k cash laying around?

Speaking of paying upfront, a different guy couldn't understand why his disabled classmate couldn't just buy an electric wheelchair, when it would so obviously suit her needs better. Maybe you could foot the bill if you feel so strongly? See those, and 23 other out of touch statements that might make your blood boil. 

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