24 Embarrassing Cases of People Living in Denial

They say that the hardest part of fixing a problem is recognizing that you have one, and for these 24 people, that was their undoing. Taking to Ask Reddit, acquaintances, friends, and family members shared the individuals in their lives with the most spectacular cases of living in denial. From terminal cancer to dating troubles, these people unfortunately never even took the first step to getting help. 

Toxic relationships are unfortunately quite common, and it's not easy for someone in a tough situation to get themselves out of it. Friends and family can be great for support, but eventually, even they'll grow tired of a consistent pattern. One person in this gallery complained about his friend's fourth divorce, and the friend's utter denial that he himself might be the problem. Some people will always blame others before looking to themselves. 

One person who should have looked at themselves more carefully was an oncology nurse, who refused to believe she was suffering from cancer despite serious lumps, and other visible symptoms to indicate otherwise. By the time she came to her senses it was tragically too late. Read about those two, and 22 others in this gallery of people sharing the worst case of "living in denial" they've ever witnessed. 

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