25 People Share Unexpectedly Genius Decisions They Made On a Whim

As Ferris Bueller repeatedly reminds the audience in his iconic movie, "Life moves pretty fast. If you don't stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it.” While this means taking time to appreciate the people and things that bring you happiness, it also means not being afraid to leave your comfort zone; a message the movie drives home with Cameron's character. Sometimes the best decisions are the ones we make from the heart, without time to analyze or overthink them. These 25 people all made one of those decisions and reaped the rewards. From jobs to relationships, here are the best things that ever came from deciding on a whim. 

One kid in this gallery was out with his friends exploring an old abandoned house when he got the inkling that he shouldn't be there. After picking up a pair of glasses off the ground, he went home to show his parents his find. Lo and behold, the house's caretakers came by with the rest of his more destructive friends rounded up. Except, according to the caretakers, none of the trespassing children wore glasses, so he was in the clear. 

Check out that, and 24 other stories of great decisions people made on a whim. 

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