25 Things Everyone Had 25 Years Ago That No One Has Today

Saying something was 25 years ago feels like a long time until you realize that 25 years ago was 1999, and 1999 feels like yesterday. Still, even if you haven't changed a lot yourself in that time, the world certainly has, and many things that were plentiful back then just don't exist anymore. As rounded up by Ask Reddit, here are 25 things everyone had 25 years ago, that nobody has today

Obviously, technology has totally reshaped the way we live our lives, but sometimes we forget just how much it has taken away. Consuming media has become completely digital, rendering dozens of devices redundant. Landlines, pagers, DVD players, certain radios, and pay phones have all become things of the past. Not to mention more basic products like paper maps, DVD sleeves, phone books, and much more. If there's anything to be positive about, we definitely don't need as much paper as we used to. 

Lifestyle was also different back then, and many people bemoaned the lack of privacy or death of living in the moment. With the internet at our fingertips, we're losing the value of good old-fashioned disconnectedness. And God forbid you post something dumb as a teenager. Here are 25 things from 1999 that nobody has anymore. 

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