25 Things That Still Exist in 2024 That Society Has Moved On From

Times change, but not everything changes with them. Businesses come and go, people get stuck in their ways, and things refuse to update well after they should. This list consists of 25 things that still exist in 2024, even though society has no time or interest in them anymore. 

It's no secret that the subscription model is more pervasive than ever, but even within that horrible model, there is a right and a wrong way to do it. More and more places are making it easy to sign up, but impossible to cancel. "Companies that allow you to subscribe to a service online, but make you call them if you want to cancel." It should be illegal to require a whole different mode of contact to cancel something you're paying for, but alas it's not, and people are done with it in 2024. That's right Zipcar, you shouldn't be allowed to deny my cancellation request over the phone. How is that a thing?

Aside from that, various defunct methods of making money like junk mail, supermarket tabloids, spam e-mail, and much more seem to still be going strong. Who's paying these people? Not anyone who knows they're living in 2024.

Here are 25 things that shouldn't exist anymore in 2024, but somehow still do. 

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