25 Wild Posts From People Who Need to Log Off

Of all the major social media platforms, it's easy to argue that Facebook has the most junk. Facebook is the site that we found, showed to our parents, then left, and now our parents run it. And as a result, the same scams, misinformation and propaganda that their gullible generation consistently falls for winds up reflected perfectly on their Facebook feeds.

For example, who knew that there was a McDonald's beef conspiracy? A few posts in this gallery insinuate there are just too many McDonald's customers, and not enough beef in the world to cover all of those purchases. Their answer? McDonald's must be feeding us people. The question itself is an interesting one, as McDonald's serves almost 70 million customers a day worldwide, and there are only 29.4 million beef cows in the United States. The thing is, that's more than enough, and its suppliers don't limit themselves to exclusively American meat. C'mon people, sometimes the answer isn't a conspiracy, it's plain old capitalistic might. 

But while it's scary to think that all of these people posting on Facebook have a vote that counts just as much as yours, it can be funny to read through their gobblygook. Or at least rage-baity in an entertaining way. Here are 26 wild posts from Facebook and social media. 

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