27 Respectable Randoms Worth Their Weight in Memes

Forget salt, if you're looking for something with real value, try these pics memes, and tweets on for size. Materialistic goods wear down over time, but memes can last forever, and their effect on you is priceless. 

Well maybe they're not actually that valuable individually, but as a collective, they play a crucial role in maintaining your mental health. Don't try to deny it, you clicked on this gallery! Like the character, Count Rugen says in the iconic movie Princess Bride, "If you haven't got your health, then you haven't got anything," and if memes are part of your health, well then that makes them as valuable as anything else. 

These respectable random memes pics and tweets touch on topics from the best parts of Quora, to the summertime sky in Alaska. The other day a man on his way to prison asked Quora for advice on what to bring with him; the kind of online interaction you might only also see on Reddit, and someone shared a photo of their Alaskan town at 11 p.m. on a summer night with the sun still well and truly up. If those sound interesting, check out the rest of these 29 respectable randoms. It's for your health. 

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