27 Unhinged Absurdist Memes to Confuse You

Typically we make memes we can relate to, but that might be hard for some of these. That's because they're completely absurd, and you can't relate to things like a giant spider-crab coming to wish you a happy Tuesday. 

But as much as I can't relate to a monkey getting its brain taken out, I can connect with it in spirit. I too have experienced wanting to open my skull and pull my brain out; anything to give me a chance to forget about my responsibilities for a while and just zone out and relax. 

Non-traditional memes like these are sometimes called anti-memes, where the joke you are expecting never comes, leaving the empty concept of the meme itself as the joke. But these are more than that; they are absurdist and unhinged. 

You've heard of elf on a shelf, well how about "Elf in myself?" Accompanied by a photoshopped X-ray, that's what I would call a ridiculous meme. What about two onions? Imagine those. Heck, what about three onions? Now we're talking. These memes aren't for everybody, but if you have a mind that skews towards neurodivergence, then you might appreciate them and their unhinged nature. 

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