30 Trending Memes and Tweets to Chill With

Check out the most popular funny posts from around the internet today. 

A few days ago Snoop Dogg put a crack in our hearts by announcing that he was "giving up smoke." But now he's completely shattered them by revealing that the whole thing was a marketing ploy for Solo Stove fixed fire pits; fire pits that apparently get rid of all the smoke. The internet loves the D O Double G, but if Snoop is actually quitting the smoke, I think we would all prefer if it were for actual health reasons, and not a brand endorsement. Just like Charlie Brown laments in his Christmas movie, why does everything have to be so commercial? At least this means we'll most likely still get to see Snoop Dogg enjoy his favorite vegetable. 

In other news, the internet came to a Raccoon's defense, after it was spotted hiding out behind some mouthwash in the dental hygiene aisle of a drug store. Trash pandas get quite enough hate for their stinky ways, so who's to blame this one for trying to get its bad breath under control?

These trending images are making the rounds today, and covering timely news like the two aforementioned stores. Enjoy this hot off-the-press batch of 30 trending tweets and memes. 

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