30 Interesting Images to Fill You With Wonder

If you're a fan of fantastic photography and interesting images, then this gallery of fun photos will have you especially engaged. From nature pics to landscapes to uniquely engrossing happenings, there's sure to be something here that piques your interest.

A personal favorite of mine from this gallery comes in the form of a sunset flick, that shows two birds on top of one another in the foreground. Well, when I say birds, one is water water-dwelling bird, and the other is a passenger jet-liner. Flight is still a poorly understood science, but seeing the best that biology and technology each have to offer, in front of a stunning backdrop, makes for a truly fascinating photo.

Another awesome image shows an astronaut fixing a satellite in space. It never occurred to me that compared to launching them into space, maintenance would be an equally difficult task as far as satellite operation is concerned. Hats off to the brave men and women who put their lives on the line floating in space so that I can watch the Giants get absolutely embarrassed by the Cowboys on Sunday Night Football. 

If either of those sound interesting, check them out along with 30 other fascinating photos that fill you with wonder. 

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