29 Trending Pics, Tweets, and Memes to Help You Survive Monday

If the new week is just too much to bear, take a break with this collection of fun randoms. Starting the cycle of work anew can be a daunting proposition, but hopefully, when you're done here, you'll have enough motivation to make it through the day. 

Just like you, most people hate Mondays, but our bad boss relishes them. No sooner have you sat down at your desk, than your boss saunters over and decides that he wants you to spearhead that one project only he thinks is a good idea. If only you had kept your mouth shut in Friday's progress meeting, maybe he would have forgotten about you. But no, instead he took your criticism to heart and has now decided that you would be the perfect person to devote more of your time to work for no extra pay. 

So now you're dreading the upcoming week and all the strife that will come with it. But not to worry, you can take a break and check out these 31 random pics memes, and tweets. You don't have to care about wasting time on the clock, because your boss is in his office pretending not to do today's Wordle. Seriously, who still does Wordle? Take a break and enjoy these 31 images. 

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