Friday Morning Randomness: 30 Randoms to Round Out the Week

It's Friday, which means you just need one last push to make it to the weekend. For that, let us do the work with these fun pic memes and tweets. Like Robbie Robertson says in "The Band's" hit song "The Weight," Take the load off yourself and put the load right on some fresh randoms

This week, the Pope made headlines by claiming that he likes to think of the burning afterlife down under, as empty. Pope Francis has been known to say a controversial thing or two, but Christians and non-Christians alike had trouble deciding what to make of this one. Firstly, according to the Bible, it's certainly not empty. The Devil lives there for a start and has more than a few disciples. Secondly, all non-believers are destined to end up there too. Thirdly, there are quite a few people we all hope are getting their comeuppance. The big H belongs in the big H, and that's all I'm saying. No wonder so many gangsters were Catholic: go perform a hit, say a few hail Marys, and step through the pearly gates. 

Take a look at a tweet about that, as well as 31 other fun pics, tweets, and memes in this gallery of Friday randomness. 

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