30 Random Pics, Memes, and Tweets to Help You Stuff Your Face

If you want to fill your stomach full of good food, best to prep it with some tasty randoms first. 

For whatever reason, the ubiquitous force that is Mr. Beast decided to bury himself alive for seven days. But while I'm sure some people were happy to be free from his content for a week, he was documenting the whole thing from inside the casket. But while he says that his stunt was "mental agony," some only care about one important detail: where did he do his business, particularly the second kind?

Mr. Beast is lucky he decided to undertake his challenge the week before Thanksgiving because if he'd waited, there would have been more brown around him from his casket potty than the "20,000 pounds of dirt." If you're anything like me, then Thanksgiving Day is all about gaining weight, and November 25th is all about shedding it; waste style. It's a good thing I spending my Turkey Day in a house with real plumbing. If you want to properly stuff your face with food on the big day, then you better whet your appetite with some pics memes, and tweets. Nothing gets me ready to feast like some tasty randoms, and here are 30 fresh ones, hot out of the oven. 

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