34 Fresh Trending Memes and Silly Tweets

Here are the internet's most popular funnies from the past 24 hours, in the form of memes and tweets. Covering topics like the growing annoyance that is Spotify Wrapped, these trending pics are right on the pulse of the internet. 

If you have social media, then you've probably seen your friends sharing their Spotify Wrapped results. Other than it being incredibly annoying to scroll past 12 consecutive identical Instagram stories, knowing that there is a complete catalog of your music listening habits feels like an invasion of privacy in some way. Using the Austin Powers Swedish pump scene as a base, one meme in this gallery depicts men who have Taylor Swift as their number-one artist. People should be able to listen to whatever they want, and if fear of being teased forces some folks away from their natural music-listening tendencies, then that's a shame. Why should we have to tailor our private hours of enjoyment to pass the judgment of others? If a bro wants to listen to the High School musical soundtrack in private, he should be able to do so without his bros finding out.

Check out memes and tweets on that, and plenty more in this silly trending gallery.

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