38 Fresh Pics, Memes, and Fun Photos to Chill With

This collection of fascinating flicks interspersed with funny memes is the kind of dopamine party you need to start your weekend. It's time to get clicking, and lose the serious attitude. 

This image extravaganza touches on a wide variety of subject matters from parenting, to nature, to military history, to cruise ships. Let's be honest, cruise ships are way too flipping big. Just take a look at the seventh photo in this gallery, and you'll see one of those "Angel of the Seas" type monstrosities towering over a lovely park. Nobody wants to look out of their ninth-story apartment building window and find themselves on eye level with some rich person's cramped cabin instead of the lovely waterside view they pay for in rent. And has anyone ever met somebody nice on a cruise? There is more than enough first-hand internet evidence to suggest that cruise ships are the last place you want to be when it comes to sanitation, civility, and general safety among your fellow travelers.  

Fortunately, you're not on a cruise, you're on the internet, and that means you can scroll past the cruise ship as quickly or slowly as you want. Enjoy that, and the 37 other pics and memes in this image extravaganza. 

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