44 Cool Photos and Memes To Take Up Your Time

If you need a nice midweek distraction, try out a meme and photo extravaganza.

It's Wednesday my dudes, and that means the mid-week scaries are closing in hard. Do you feel like the pressure of work is just too much for you to handle? Whether or not you're tired of this grandpa, that's too dang bad, and you have two more days of it until you're free for the weekend!

But this cool collection of 44 neat pics and funny memes can be the perfect distraction you need to help you get just a little bit farther into the week. With interesting photos like a group snapshot of the royal princes (and princesses) of Sweden, Norway, Denmark, The Netherlands, and Belgium, you can learn a little about the world too. Other photos include old candids of actors, cool art on New York City garbage trucks, magical images of the recent eclipse, surefire OSHA violations, and much more. There's no shortage of random variety here. 

Intermixed with these fascinating photos is a collection of funny and relatable memes that make you feel better about yourself. Because that's what it's all about. Enjoy this fun photo and fresh meme mixer party!

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