40 Fresh Memes, Tweets, and Pics to Share With Your Friends

If you don't like that unsalted butter your mother-in-law brought last week, try some rad randoms to season your breakfast. They're fresh, clean, tasteful, and sometimes a little zesty. 

I don't know about you, but I need a bit of unhealthiness to make my food worth eating. Who wants unsalted butter or unsweetened cereal to let them down bite after bite? Not me that's for sure, and don't even get me started on gluten-free desserts. When I buy a brownie I'm expecting it to fill my mouth with moist chocolaty euphoria, not crumbly dry brown sand. Dairy-free ice cream? You might as well feed me a vanilla-flavored slushy. Almond milk in my coffee? Just dig my grave already. Really what it boils down to is being honest with yourself, (people with true dietary restrictions aside). If you want to eat healthily, then do that! Don't try and tell me that your soy ice cream is better just because you didn't get a little bit of milk fat. I know that thing tastes gross. 

So instead of messing around, why not whip out some funny randoms to season your food? They have plenty of flavor, freshness, and zesty humor. 

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