31 Fascinating Photos to Pique Your Interest

Thanks to photographs and the internet, we have the ability to share every cool thing we see with whomever we please. This collection of 31 fascinating photos has everything from landscapes to historical images to crazy happenings, all in one. If you're a fan of all things fascinating, you should take a look at this gallery of fantastic flicks

Most major cities have their own version of a subway system, but they each look very different. This gallery shows photos of both the New York and Moscow systems, and they clearly have different origins. Although the Soviet Union often gets a knock for its plain architecture, its capital city's subway system, which began construction in 1935, is anything but plain. Filled with gorgeous arches and coloring, the wide open hallway is a far cry from New York's 1980s crowded and dirty vibe. The colorful paint on the inside of the New York car is just graffiti, and not by design. I guess the free world has its drawbacks. 

The Soviet Union eventually disbanded in 1991, leaving a cosmonaut named Sergei Krikalev stuck in space for 311 days; twice the length of his original mission. It was an eventual joint German and Russian mission that brought him back. See those, and plenty more fascinating photos right here. 

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