Friday Morning Randomness: 53 Fun Randoms to Fix You Right Up

Congratulations, you've made it to the very end of the work week! That means you've earned this serving of fun pics, memes, and tweets to fix you right up. 

If you were one of the almost 100,000 Americans affected by the AT&T and general cell phone service outage, then you probably didn't get a chance to look at our lovely randoms gallery yesterday. But now that your service is back you've probably seen a bunch of the memes about the disaster, and a few of those are included here. As the morning sun rose, so did the number of people affected by the outages, with almost 100,000 without service around 8 am. AT&T is still working to figure out what caused the loss of service, but its subsidiary Cricket Mobile, which uses the same cell system, also experienced heavy outages. Customers of other providers like Verizon and Team Mobile only encountered issues when trying to connect with someone on those other two affected networks. AT&T better not pull any fast ones with the bill this cycle, or they will have quite a few angry people to answer to. 

Check out those memes and more in this Friday edition of Morning Randomness. 

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