Thursday Morning Randomness: An XL Batch of 57 Rad Randoms for Rest and Relaxation

You're already most of the way through the week, and that deserves some celebration with this extra large batch of fun pics, memes and tweets. It's about time you gave yourself some R&R, and hopefully this list can be the first step towards that. 

If you've tried applying to a job at any point over the last few years, you'll know that Workday is the bane of every job seeker's experience. The platform works just fine as a scheduling tool once you've ALREADY landed a job, but its portal for new seekers is infuriating. As if your resume doesn't exist, you will be forced to make a new account with a new password, and re-enter every bit of information on your resume and more. All it does is waste time entering redundant information the hiring manager should already have. Not to mention that if a different company also uses Workday, you'll still be forced to make a brand new account and do it all over again. The result is thousands of job seekers peacing out once they see the dreaded Workday portal pop up. 

See a meme on that here, along with plenty other fun randoms in this extra large penultimate day before the weekend helping. 

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