Wednesday Morning Randomness: 45 Fun Randoms to Seize the Day

Welcome to the middle of the week. I'm feeling tired, and my job is collecting memes all day, so I know that you're feeling tired doing whatever your much more real and important job is. But no matter what you think of me and my job, I hope you enjoy this collection of pics, memes and tweets courtesy of ULOOK2 and eBaum's world admin. It might make my week harder, but hopefully it make yours better. 

One photo of England's Prince Williams is going viral from the BAFTA awards, where he can be seen joking around with Phoebe Dynevor, Ayo Edebiri, Sophie Wilde and Mia McKenna-Bruce, who were all nominated in the BAFTA's "Rising Star" category. The prince can be seen looking quite hapy with himself, while each actress looks on in shock and disgust. Mia McKenna-Bruce won the award for her performance in How To Have [Intimacy], which includes uncomfortable scenes of intimate violence. According to The Daily Mail, Prince William remarked, "I haven't yet watched your film—I think it looked like you had a lot of fun all the way through." Yeah, that'll do it. Chalk up another dub to the royal family. 

Check out that and other fun randoms in this midweek collection. 

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