Tuesday Morning Randomness: 51 Fun Randoms to Fuel Your Fire

The week is well and truly underway, and that means you might need a little bit of motivation to keep you going. Fortunately this daily does of fun pics, memes and tweets is here to do just that, and fuel your fire. Here are 51 fun randoms to help you seize the day. 

Marvel's latest attempt at a spider superhero movie has released, but Madam Web is hardly receiving the critical acclaim that the other Spider-Men films gathered. I suppose when your villain has dialogue literally noticeably out of synch with his mouth movements, there's going to be some pushback. For a long time, Marvel had its formula for successful super hero movies figured out, but they seem to have relied on it for so long that they aren't putting anything interesting in them anymore. And when the highly covered pressure on Disney VFX artists is resulting in consistently poor results from the industry's most talented workers, something has to change. This gallery includes a few memes and tweets around what's shaping up to be a Madam Web flop, and not even the strongest spider webs can save it. 

Enjoy these Tuesday randoms, and hopefully they can make your workday better than the average visual affect artist. 

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