Saturday Morning Randomness: 46 Fabulous Randoms for a Weekend Done Right

Welcome to the weekend; as a reward here are some fun pics, memes, and tweets for you to enjoy. I have to say that I'm pretty jealous of you, seeing that at the time of writing, I myself have not yet made it to the promised land which is 5:01 pm on Friday. But hopefully, I can live vicariously through you, and glean some enjoyment from your scroll through this gallery. 

As he seems to do every couple of years, Michael Cera has become a meme again, this time for his aptly chosen partnership with the Cera skin cream brand. The brand deal debuted during a Super Bowl commercial and was one of the game's more well-liked ads. I must say that Cera cream is absolutely fantastic from personal experience, and it makes sense that Michael would accept their offer to be a brand ambassador. It's the partnership of dreams, and one that his Barbie character Allen would be proud of. 

You can see one Michael Cera and CeraVe skin cream meme in this gallery, along with dozens of other fun memes, pics, and tweets. Enjoy your weekend; it won't be long before you're lying in bed Sunday night dreading the world anew. 

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