44 Fresh Pics and Memes to Finish the Week Strong

The week is almost over. Let this sizable selection of randoms be the push you need to make it through to the end. You might not have any energy left to do real work, but it doesn't take any energy to look at amusing memes and fascinating photos. So let these 45 images be your break; we all know you're not taking that power nap. 

This grouping features cool photos on a smaller scale, such as a piece of Himalayan salt, and its profound effect on a book after sitting on top of it for an extended period of time. Other photos include unique Halloween costumes, like a family of two children both wanting to be Master Chief, but one unable to spell. The result? A chief, and a chef. 

Other photos show the weapon of choice for Chinese sky marshals; a nifty knife with plenty of hidden features. I don't know if it's comforting to know there is somebody equipped to act in the case of a hijacking, or scary to know that a weapon like that is almost definitely aboard my plane. They better vet those guys is all I'm saying. 

If those sound interesting, check them out along with dozens more fascinating photos, Tweets, and memes. 

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