47 Cool Randoms to Totally Waste Your Time

Feel better about yourself on a Monday by scrolling through some fun and fascinating pics, memes, and tweets.

Christmas is approaching, and this past weekend people flooded into New York City from its surrounding suburbs to dress like Santa Claus, bar hop, and get totally trashed to a level that makes them forget they hate their high-paying corporate jobs. No native New Yorker willingly attends Santa Con, although thousands are forced to endure its consequences against their will. Hundreds of embarrassing photos circulated the internet in the days following the event – embarrassing for all of those fake Santas not bringing cheer to anybody. We just thought you should see how silly they all look, in case you ever got the urge to dress up like a gift-giving saint and get drunk while causing civil disruption at the same time.

Apart from Santa Con, other pics here include a mega Walmart distribution center that's about three-quarters of a mile long. Maybe they can get Gail to come out of retirement and run it. Here are those, and 47 other random pics, memes, and tweets. 

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