48 Random Pics and Memes to Help You Stuff Your Face

You don't want a poorly stuffed turkey, so here are a few dozen funny pics to get the job done right. 

Don't take it from me, take it from your grandma; you need more stuffing on your plate! Thanksgiving is about doing everything to the extreme, and nothing quite pulls together a loaded plate like a batch of stuffing. Birds aren't supposed to roast in an oven on their own - not that they're naturally supposed to roast in an oven at all – but loaded up with some stuffing they take on a whole new flavor fit for a feast. 

But the Thanksgiving shopping spree can be hard to navigate, and depending on your local store, finding the right stuffing before it runs out might be tricky. That's why we've decided to give you a plus-sized batch of stuffing in the virtual form; random pics and memes. Just like the moist bread that fills your turkey full of carbs, photos, and memes give you a heavy dose of mental clutter, perfect for looking at before you lay down on a couch and slowly drift off watching the Lions lose to the Packers like they do every single year. Here are 48 randoms to stuff your Turkey this Thanksgiving. 

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