Wednesday Morning Randomness: 40 Awesome Pics to Kickstart Your Day

Feeling bored? Just take a quick scroll through these funny pics and memes

The internet goes through cycles, and recently it decided to take a closer look at Adam Sandler; specifically his on-screen relationships. Fresh off of the recent success of his animated lizard comedy Leo, some people took notice that he's done quite well for himself when it comes to on-screen romances. Featuring actresses like Jennifer Aniston, Kate Beckinsale, Salma Hayek, Jessica Biel, Brooklyn Decker, and Winona Ryder among others, it's a list even Brad Pitt could be envious of. But while some people might think that he is "out kicking his coverage," one meme here disputes that assertion, stating "every Adam Sandler movie," before showing his actual wedding photo to Jackie Sandler, who is a model and actress herself.

In other news, it's the Christmas season, which means families across America have to figure out new clever ways to keep their pets from wreaking havoc on their Christmas trees. One family decided to hang theirs from the ceiling instead of twisting it into a stand and judging by their cat's reaction, that family has cracked the code. Here are those pics, along with 38 more to start your day.

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