Thursday Morning Randomness: 55 Super Randoms for Super Bowl Week

The end of the week is quickly approaching, but that doesn't mean you don't have time to add some super fun pics, memes, and tweets to your schedule. Here is an extra large batch of 56 good ones. 

It's hard to compete with the Super Bowl for attention in the week leading up to the big game, but Drake certainly did his best. In a week where we're supposed to be analyzing one kind of pigskin, we were forced to look at another, much longer kind when a video was released of the Canadian rapper pleasuring himself in front of a mirror. There's no deflate-gate happening there for sure, but despite the video's sizable impression online, it left the news cycle pretty quickly, thanks to Taylor Swift. 

Just a few weeks after Swift's own explicit scandal, (those were A.I. images generated without her consent), she stole the spotlight away from Drake's piece, and onto her PR team who threatened to sue a high schooler and his social media account following her private jet. Taylor made headlines last year when it was revealed her jet creates more carbon emissions than any other in the world, but while her team tried to downplay the news then, they seem to be trying to squash it at the source now. 

Here are a few memes on that, and plenty more in this Thursday edition of rad randoms. 

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