Cheap Boss Refuses to Fork Out PTO, Ends Up Paying Thousands on His Employee's Final Paycheck in Overtime Pay

After putting in his notice, this employee realized he could pull a fast one on his boss and company. Especially once they told him that he had to use his PTO days, or loose them.

After deciding to move on to greener pastures, this employee was hit with the information that his 55 hours of accrued PTO would not be rewarded with a check. Remembering a previous incident in which he had been paid overtime for working a bit during a PTO vacation, he devised a cunning plan to make some extra cash. The employee clocked in his 55 hours of PTO, but knowing the company could never say no to extra work, he asked them if they needed him to continue coming in over his "vacation." After they accepted, he was more than happy to work right through his PTO, while charging them time and a half for his efforts. 

When the day came to officially call it quits, his boss informed him that his antics had put them over budget. Instead of just giving him a check for his PTO, the company had effectively paid him time and a half for it, on top of his standard salary, and cost themselves thousands. "Cause of me," he wrote, "company now pays out PTO when you quit."

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