Senior Employee Gets Fired For Being Too Good at His Job, Company Panic Hires Five Replacements

When you hire your son-in-law and his egotistical friend to run things, don't be surprised when they hit the fan. Unfortunately, that's what happened to the assembly department of a company, after they passed on their most productive employee for a promotion, instead awarding the position based on nepotism. 

Having developed multiple techniques that significantly increased productivity, this long-time employee knew how to assemble his machines better than his department's trained engineers. Unfortunately, when his new boss took charge, he was commanded to only work on his specific job, and his specific machines. Predictably, when productivity began to grind to a halt, the employee decided to step up and help once again. However, his efforts were greeted with a write-up for insubordination. Unsurprisingly, he soon quit along with many of the other senior-level employees, prompting the department to hire five replacements for his singular job title in an effort to recover productivity. Predictably, the nepo-manager was fired a few years later, as things spiraled out of control. 

At least there is some workforce karma out there. Unfortunately, the experienced employee never found another gig he liked quite as much, and hurt his knee; although he did see a salary bump at his new position. 

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