Employee Gets Back at Idea-Stealing Boss By Taking Over His Company and Demoting Him

When a bad boss is mean to an employee, they don't usually expect that employee to climb the corporate ladder faster somewhere else, and reverse the power structure. However, that's exactly what happened to a manager named Paul, who was known among his employees for his sense of entitlement and lack of work effort. 

Having instituted some good policies as a manager himself, our narrator reveals that Paul immediately revoked them, before reinstating them and passing them off as his own. But before leaving for a different opportunity, the narrator sued Paul for 12 thousand dollars and a computer program he had been unpaid for creating. After winning the case, he shot up the ranks in another company, which eventually was in the position to acquire Paul's. Being good friends with the old owner, the narrator was in a unique position to enact revenge, and an unsuspecting Paul had no idea who was about to be his new boss.

On his first day of work under new authority, Paul was demoted from manager to salesman, while everyone else kept their jobs. Paul's career stabilized, but he never regained his management position. Now that's long-term karma at its finest. 

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