'I Was Stunned': Long Time Employee Gets Slapped With a 1% Raise – Throws it Back in Company's Face

As one reader of this post in the r/MaliciousCompliance subreddit pointed out, "It seems to be a theme that managers will say to do something that they don't expect to happen, and when it happens they are shocked." That's what transpired for a health insurance customer representative, who took his boss's advice and "found something else" after expressing disappointment in his one percent raise. 

Having worked well in the entry-level job for over a year, the customer service rep was pleasantly surprised to learn he had received a four out of five on his yearly performance review; according to him, most employees rarely ever received above a 3. That kind of review typically brought with it a noticeable pay increase, but after consideration, the company slapped him with just a 1% raise. As he put it, "Let's just say you would barely see a difference in my paycheck." Annoyed, he was informed by his boss to look elsewhere if he wanted more money. So, he did.

Just three weeks later, the employee returned to his boss with his notice, having landed a new position with a 32% pay increase. The shocked boss was left scrambling to replace 4/5 value work. 

As one reader commented on the post, "Do not settle. You are valuable." 

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