'If You Want to Leave This Company On Good Standing You Have to Come in on Your Approved Day Off': Boss Breaks the Law to Threaten Worker

After finding a new job, a hotel employee decided to use up some of his vacation time before he left for good. Unfortunately, his boss had one last power trip left in him. 

This hotel worker had been a much improved employee over the course of his four years of work for the establishment, especially after the first year. However, his boneheaded boss was the one downside of the job, even asking him to pull weeds for no extra pay as a grounds keeper. Nothing ever seemed good enough for the boss. So when the employee finally found a new place to work, he was excited to escape to a different opportunity. With an off day left to spare, he decided to request his penultimate day off, and a coworker was more than happy to fill in. Even his supervisor, (the boss's boss), was happy to let him have the day off. 

But upset that he'd been undermined, the boss informed the worker that if he took his now approved day off, he could consider himself not "in good standing" with the hotel. That's illegal. Searching for advice, the employee asked about his situation on the r/antiwork subreddit. Fortunately, the world has his back and he's definitely taking his day off now. 

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