Entitled Boss Mocks Employee for Taking First Off Day in 10 Months, Gets Instant Karma When Half of his Employees Quit

When your place of work has a 92% turnover rate, that usually indicates a problem with management; something that can certainly be said for this security company. In particular, one bad captain who eventually bullied the majority of his team into quitting at an inopportune time. 

One employee described the working conditions under this bad boss, which often included random procedural changes, constant beratement, and at times even harassment. But after working every scheduled day for ten months, the employee eventually had to request to leave early and go to the doctor. Instead of expressing concern over his employee's condition, the captain stated that if he had made it this far, he could make it through the rest of the day.

That was just one of many incidents, and the employee even got talked down to for taking 15 minutes of his scheduled half-hour break. Eventually, the employee landed a new job, and discovered while his boss was out sick that other co-workers of his were quitting too. After the boss realized that he was about to be down half his workforce, he begged everyone to come back. Too bad, actions have consequences, and the high turnover rate meant the security company was forced to reassign the entire team.  

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