Company Bullies the One Man Responsible for All Their Overseas Suppliers Into Quitting, He Refuses to Come Back While They Rack Up 8-Figure Losses

When one man controls your entire company's contact with all of its overseas suppliers, it's best not to make him quit. That's what happened to one logistics employee around the time of the pandemic, and his easy petty revenge resulted in over eight-figure losses for the greedy organization.

Essentially, this one worker was responsible for communicating with and organizing the company's entire overseas supply chain. Spoiler alert, that's a lot of stuff. And while the company planned on hiring another manager in China to help, that plan never came through. Therefore, not only was the single employee responsible for running a unique system he developed to manage the suppliers, but he was also the only person with all of their contact information. So when his managers began bullying him into quitting - a common practice within the company - he knew they were messing with the wrong man. 

Hiding the critical information in the middle of a massive document, he eventually quit and began a new job with one of the suppliers. Despite a desperate call from his former manager to come and fix everything - complete with a big salary bump - he was content to just let them burn. 

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