Employees Comply With Boss's New Awful System and Productivity Sharply Declines

If a department is one of the most productive in the company, maybe you should ask before switching procedures around. Well, unless you're a bad boss, in which case do whatever you want. That's exactly what happened here. 

Our OP was working as a repair technician in London, traveling around the city fixing computers, printers, and other such technology. Seeing as London is a densely packed city, travel by public transport was faster than travel by automobile, and as such the technicians used it to move from job to job. But while that led to more jobs per day, it meant using shipping services to deliver equipment, as technicians were unable to transport it themselves. Enter a new boss, who decided that everything should move, and a different shipping service should be used. Knowing that the process would be difficult, the technicians decided to keep quiet and ride it out. Soon, fewer jobs were being completed, with less and less equipment arriving on time and where it needed to go. Even the new hires were coached to let the system fail. 

 As productivity plummeted, eventually the new boss had to be let go as collateral, with a more competent replacement hired. As the OP put it, "The new guy has the sense to ask us what would be a better way to run things."

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