Friday Morning Randomness: 34 Fun Randoms to Turn Your Frown Upside Down

If things just aren't going your way, you can always fall back on these fun pics and memes. Sure they won't do anything material to get you back on your feet, but they just might give you the mental break you need to tackle everything anew. 

If you know much about history, then you'll probably know that there is an infamous link between Germany and Argentina. So when the "NordGirls" Twitter page decided to post a picture of a model with "German-Argentinian" roots, they naturally faced quite a bit of instant backlash. First of all, I wouldn't consider either country Nordic, and even though northern Germany is quite high latitudinally, it definitely doesn't qualify. The page might have also benefited from sharing any other bit of information about the model. Instead, they came away with some outstanding unintentional rage-bait. 

This gallery also includes a photo of the world's smallest woman and her normal sized husband. The meme states "I have questions I'm not sure I want answered," and I would have to agree. And in this case I would rather not leave things up to the imagination either. Here are 35 random memes and pics to turn your frown upside down. 

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