Friday Morning Randomness: 54 Fresh Pics and Memes to Kickstart Your Day

Congratulations, you made it all the way to Friday! As a celebration, you should take a look at this exceptionally random group of pics, memes, and tweets. Maybe they'll make the workday go by just a little bit faster. 

Right now, people are sharing their funny responses to what might happen if your card declines in therapy. "When your card declines at therapy they make you relive all of 2021 again," one tweet here says. Therapy is a service that theoretically, once it's happened, can't be undone. However, putting all of us in a 2021 time machine just might ensure they have business for all eternity. 

Speaking of being stuck in the house, Dyson vacuums have come up with yet another spectacular product; a child-sized functional vacuum. How many times have you seen your child playing with an imaginary vacuum and thought to yourself, "I wish they were doing it for real?" Well, now they can. You better put your children to work before the factory and Amazon warehouse jobs get to them first. The children yearn to work. 

See those, and plenty more in this extra random edition of Friday pics, memes, and tweets. 

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