Guy Passed Up For Promotion In Favor of New Hire Gets Asked For Help By Said New Hire

When an employee tried to make a vertical move within his company, he was passed up for a new guy. They obviously made the wrong choice. 

After getting passed up for his promotion, the employee made the very sensible decision of finding a job elsewhere. Incredibly, however, his old employer referred the new hire to him for advice on how to perform in the new position... the new position that they didn't give to him! Considering that information, it seemed like something fishy was going on.

The employee also claimed in the comments of his Reddit post that the new hire came from a less impressive background, however was unlikely to be demanding a lower salary because of his more advanced age. That information makes the company's hiring decision seem quite suspect. 

While the employee doesn't hold anything against the new hire, his Reddit commenters were split on whether or not he should help the new guy. It's a tough moral dilemma: Throw the new guy under the bus to spite the company? Ultimately, the employee appears as if he will help the new hire in a limited capacity. At least in his new position, his old dysfunctional company is no longer a pressing issue. 

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