Incompetent Senior Employee Tells Coworker Not to Touch Her Stuff, So They Don't, and Nothing Gets Done

When one woman told her coworker to stay out of her stuff, she quickly learned the hard way just how much she needed him there

Every morning at 8:30 am, the employee would dutifully show up to work, grab his materials, grab his coworker's materials, lay them out, and get to work. When the coworker would stroll in around 9 am, all of her tasks would be waiting for her, and she could start her job without delay. That is, until the employee messed up, and mixed a few of their papers around. Upon discovering the mistake, she accused him of meddling in her business, aggressively told him off, and warned him to never touch anything of hers ever again. 

Shocked by the outburst, the employee decided to heed her request. Additionally, she was a four-year veteran of the company, and he had only been working there for eight months. Despite that, she neglected to understand that her assignments didn't just appear on her desk by magic and spent multiple days assuming that she had no work. Before long it was her facing an outburst from her boss, and she was never heard from again. Perhaps she needed somebody touching her documents after all. 

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