23 People Share the Fastest Way a New Coworker Got Fired

These 24 employees shared their stories of that one new hire who wet the bed faster than any other.

It's no secret that the job market stinks these days, which makes workplace failure stories all the more infuriating. How is it that some absolute schmucks got hired when I can't even get the courtesy of a rejection email? 

One would think that if you're smart enough to land a decent job, you're smart enough to avoid doing certain things once you're there. Watching explicit videos at full volume in the break room, and "pressing the emergency stop for fun" at a printing press are such examples. Two others decided to send out company-wide emails on their first day: One informing his new bosses that he was the "best decision they've ever made" Tom Brady style and another inviting 30 thousand people to check out his band. Hey, I guess that's one way to market yourself. 

So if you're sitting at home wondering why it's so hard to find a job, just know that it's because they're hiring losers like these. At least they won't occupy the positions very long. 

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