Management Refuses to Pay for Repairs On Employee’s Work Car, So He Stays at Home and Ruins Their Business

When a company demands an employee use his car for business traveling, he counters by asking them to help pay for repairs. His employer soon learns the hard way that they can't deny both. 

Working as a traveling project manager in South Korea, this employee was denied access to company Mercedes, Audi, and BMW cars for his business trips. Routinely needing to drive hours for short and inefficient meetings, he resigned himself to using his own car as long as the company reimbursed him for gas and tolls, which they did. But after settling into his role for almost a decade, he eventually ran into car issues that were going to require a big fix. Reasoning that his employer was the main culprit for the 140 thousand kilometers on his odometer, he decided to charge them the repair bill. Unfortunately, his boss flat out refused to pay for repairs on a "personal" vehicle and continued to deny his employee access to company cars. 

Seeing an opportunity for revenge, the employee informed all of his upcoming clients that he was no longer able to travel to their meetings and to contact his boss for the reason why. It's staggering how much money some businesses will lose to avoid insignificant spending.

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