No One on Facebook Marketplace Knows How to Photograph a Mirror

"Mirror mirror on the wall who is the fairest of them all?" The answer isn't always Snow White, and very often it's the person looking into the mirror themselves. So why shouldn't someone show themselves off in a mirror pic? Here are 26 people who whether intentionally or accidentally, included themselves in their mirror sales photos on Facebook Marketplace.

People sell some weird stuff online, and while mirrors are a pretty normal thing to fork off, the way people sell them isn't. Have you ever tried taking a photo of a mirror? They have a strange habit of including you in the pic too. Some might even call those "mirror selfies." So when you don't want yourself in the photo, you have to take it at an angle. But light physics isn't something most of America passed in high school. 

These 26 people either embraced or failed to avoid catching some of themselves when they took their mirror sales photo. Many even got hilariously creative, like a woman who included her dog's behind in a photo of a "moon mirror." Get it? So take a look in the mirror that is your screen, and enjoy these 26 funny Facebook marketplace photos. 

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