Office Karen Tries to Pretend Co-Worker is Her Assistant, So He Gets Revenge By Rerouting All His Calls to Her

If you're going to pretend to be a higher-ranking employee, then get ready to deal with higher-level problems. That's how one employee felt after he decided to re-route all of his junk calls to his annoying Karen-like co-worker

Despite working on the same level as her, this employee described her repeated attempts to act like a superior, including calling him "her assistant," and trying to regulate his tasks. Due to the role of their immediate boss being vacant, she was able to get away with her behavior despite working in a different specialty; not that the real higher-ups actually paid her any heed. But when IT contacted the employee asking him if he would like to exchange his landline for a work phone, he knew he had an opportunity. 

Noticing that the landline was still active in receiving junk calls, he decided to "forward my landline number to her work phone number." Soon, she was the one fielding numerous junk calls daily, unable to discern where they were coming from. Jokes on her, she's the one who had put her number down as a contact for a business that wasn't hers. If you want to pretend you're a manager, at least be ready to deal with some of the dirty work. 

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